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Interview With Climatologist, Public Advocate, And Successful Blogger, Adrian Rubin


Interview With Climatologist, Public Advocate, And Successful Blogger, Adrian Rubin

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1. Hello Adrian, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Adrian Rubin, a career climatologist with interest in renewable energy and environment preservation. My office is based in Philadelphia. I hold a degree in meteorological science having majored in climatology from the prestigious Princeton University. I am currently pursuing a doctorate degree in climatology at Cornell University, also based in New York.

My interest in the environment began in high school. Studying at the university gave me crucial insights into global warming and underlying threats. Using my education and experience, I got a job as a sustainable advisor at Clean Energy Corporation of Australia. When I am not working, I most of my spend time volunteering in the community.

2. Describe your journey in a few words?

I have always wanted to spread awareness about global warming. My worry stems from the pollutants choking the environment and the negative effects of fossil fuels. This is what informed my decision to pursue environmental studies. In the push to save Earth’s ecosystem, I work with lots of computer models to analyze weather patterns in different areas of the planet. The other key component of my work is data collection. The data include air, plant life, ice cores and soil.

3. What inspired you to become a climatologist?

Climatology is an environmental science that requires strong knowledge of sciences and the ecosystem. The training is geared towards creating innovative and sustainable solutions. As I said earlier, my inspiration to pursue this career stems from the desire to save the earth and its ecosystem. I am also inspired by renewable energy projects like the Roscoe wind Farm in Texas and the Ivan Solar thermal power plant in the Nevada, California border. Ivan Solar covers supplies power to more than 140,000 homes.

4. How do you build a creative spirit? Is it in-born or something you develop?

Growing up as a young girl, I was thoroughly fascinated by the clouds and their obtuse formations. The interest in the world around pushed me towards science. The subject became my favorite in high school and from here pursuing climatology seemed like a perfect matchup.

5. Where did you find the correlation between Blogging and climatology?

In this fast paced world of information, the confluence between climatology and blogging is more than instantaneously. I use my blog to inform the public about my scientific findings on global warming and the importance of embracing renewable energy. I am glad that the demand for renewable energy is growing all across the world as countries formulate policies that encourage greater dependence on sustainable power sources.

6. Are there any interesting projects you’d like to share with our esteemed readers?

I have been involved in various successful renewable energy projects. I am especially interested in sustainable design. One of the most promising projects of my career was developing a practical blueprint on solar architectural technologies while attending the School of Renewable Engineering at New South Wales University in Australia.

7. Can you share with us a daily challenge that will inspire the masses?

Laying down a framework for renewable seems like a noble idea, but there are challenges when it comes to protecting the ozone layer. My team has been working on the ground sensitizing various stakeholders and communities about the false assertions being peddled by certain fossil fuel industry leaders that natural gas will remain the bridge fuel of the future. With concerted effort, I am sure every bit of effort will move us closer to achieving the collective goals.

8. What would you say is your most satisfying achievement in the last 5 years?

As a climatologist, the society expects me to make a difference. Positive change can be achieved by doing such small things as reducing car emissions; talking to children about the environment; recycling waste and reducing energy consumption at home. If harnessed to its full potential, solar energy has huge repercussions for the future. Over the last 5 years, my organization has been implementing various renewable energy projects in host communities.

9. As an expert, do find the challenges too complex, even as the rules of play change?

Studies show the existing sources of renewable energy can provide over 95% of all electricity and heating demands. Unfortunate there has been refutations regarding global warming from skeptics who deny facts about man-made induced global warming. Even with the skepticism, the need to forge a united from to save the environment must be encouraged. Everybody must do their part in implementing plans of action and projects geared towards saving the environment.

10. What are your last words?

Looking at the ethical dimension, environmentalism means much more than preserving the environment. I say this because humans have all the solutions to climate change. The solutions range from increasing wind and solar power to setting the price caps on carbon.